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Direct Mail Is Still an Effective Marketing Method to Reach New Patients: Part 2

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In my previous post, I discussed how even though we are in an age of electronic media, direct mail can still be an extremely profitable way to acquire new patients for many healthcare specialties. One important factor is to use a reputable list compiler to provide you up-to-date data and utilize the many demographic selects that are available to target those most likely to be interested in your services.

This post will include the metrics typically associated with direct mail campaigns and how you can maximize your response rates and return-on-investment.

I would suggest not mailing the entire list all at once. This is especially true for a small practice. For example, if your email campaign intends to reach 10,000 people, break it up into approximately 2,500 per week. This enables you to book appointments more efficiently throughout the entire month from those that respond.

Understand that direct mail is a numbers game. The average response rate for a direct mail campaign to an outside list is 1%. If you mail 2,500 pieces, you’ll typically average about 25 responses. How many new patients you get will depend on your conversion rate from calls to your office into booked appointments. This may seem like very few, but let’s look at some numbers: If a 10,000 piece direct mail campaign costs $10,000, for example, a 1% response rate means that it will generate 100 calls. If you are successful in converting 50% or 50 calls into new patients and the average value of a new patient for your practice is $1,000, then your $10,000 campaign will generate $50,000 of revenue, giving you a 500% or 5:1 return-on-investment. Remember that every mail campaign varies and that every practice is different. The bottom line is that direct mail can be a very profitable marketing option.

Consider direct mail to your existing patients to get them to self-refer back for additional services, if that’s an opportunity for your practice. Response rates to existing patients tend to be much higher than 1% (often times 3-5% or more) because you are targeting people who already know and trust you and are therefore more likely to return for additional services.

Always have a strong “call-to-action” in you direct mail piece. Consider a free consultation or assessment as your call-to-action. Patients want information about their problems and their needs, so providing them the chance to get this information directly from you during a consultation is very appealing. You in turn, now have the opportunity to build your credibility with this potential patient and convince them that you are the best provider for the services they need. Even a written or e-mailed informational marketing piece can be a strong call-to-action. For example: Call today to receive the “10 Commandments for Successful Lasik Surgery Absolutely Free”. I tried this with a client once and the phone was ringing off the hook! Someone looking at potentially having Lasik surgery should certainly be interested in these “10 Commandments”, and by providing this for the prospective patients, my client provided them 10 valuable reasons to choose him.

Most importantly, don’t create your own direct mail piece. Leave it to an expert. The difference between success and failure for most mail campaigns may be a fraction of 1% in your direct response rate. Don’t leave this to chance; place yourself in the hands of a professional who has a proven track record of success.

If you would like assistance integrating direct mail into your practice or you would like help improving the effectiveness of your current direct mail call Rich at 561-477-6348.

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Direct Sales Team Vs Distributor – Which is Better For an International Market?

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If you’re looking to expand your sales to new markets, then there’s one big question you must ask: do I build a direct sales presence or use a distributor? Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, but we’re going to make a strong case to use one method over the other in almost every instance.

What’s the difference between direct sales and distributors?
A direct sales presence means that your company establishes, manages, and pays a sales team of one or more people in the target market.

An outside agent is any entity that will sell your product in exchange for a service fee. One example is a sales rep, who sells your product in exchange for a percent of the sale. A distributor is similar to a rep, except they would buy product from your company and sell it directly to the end customer.

Is Direct Sales Better?
For most businesses expanding into new markets, especially international markets, hiring a distributor is a better decision-at least until there is enough return from the market to justify building a direct sales presence.

Sure, there is one major advantage to having a direct sales presence-control. Control over the day to day activities of your sales personnel is appealing to most business owners. But this control comes at a heavy price. To start, you’ll need to spend the time to hire someone in that market, then train them, then equip them with sales material and management, if not office space and equipment. These costs are prohibitive for most small businesses looking to expand internationally.

And there are even more costs that we haven’t mentioned yet. Each market has it’s own unique laws, cultures and customs that are essential to master if your company wants to establish a successful sales presence. Japan is a classic example of a marketplace with unique legal structures and business customs that, if not followed, guarantee the failure of any sales efforts. It’s hard to pin down an exact monetary value to this learning, but ask yourself this: Can you afford to establish, manage, and pay a sales force in a foreign country for at least a year while they learn the ropes and generate no revenue?

What about a Distributor? Is a Distributor better for new markets?
Distributors are a cost effective means to enter a new marketplace successfully. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • No Overhead: Unlike running your own sales team, a distributor will take care of the hiring, managing, payment, and optimization of its channel. You’re just borrowing their distribution, while they handle the maintenance.
  • Established Channel with Local Knowledge: A good distributor will already know all the laws and customs of the market you’re entering. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel-you can use someone who already has valuable local knowledge.
  • Understand Pricing and Purchasing Power of Market: Along with knowledge of the laws and customs comes knowledge about the most successful ways to price and market your product locally.
  • Cost Effective: Since you won’t be paying for the above items, distributor relationships are much more within reach of a small business trying to enter a new market.

Using a distributor has some downsides as well, but they can be minimized by building a good relationship with a distributor.

  • Not your own people: You won’t be able to directly manage every step of the process. While it may make you nervous to lose some control over the sales process, you can manage the risk by building a transparent relationship with your distributor with constant updates and feedback from both ends.
  • Distributor has many products to represent: You may not be the distributor’s top priority at any given time, and you want to be sure your product is not getting shuffled to the back of the line. Once again, a well-established relationship with constant contact will ensure that your product is getting the attention it deserves.
  • Not a “turn key” solution: You can’t just give the distributor your products and expect success. You’ll have to manage the relationship. This takes time, but it’s still less costly than trying to install a direct sales team from scratch.

So what do I do next?
If you aren’t convinced that a distributor would be better for your organization than establishing a direct sales team, seek help from a consultant who has experience establishing a presence in new markets. A consultant can use his or her experience to analyze your opportunity and recommend the best course of action.

Before you choose a distributor, you need to know….
Choosing the wrong distributor will set you up for failure. The wrong distributor simply won’t generate sales, and you’ll have wasted at least a year finding and setting up an unprofitable relationship.

There are certain things to look for in a distributor, and they are different for every market. The best thing to do is to find a professional, one with experience in distributor relationships, and hire that professional to help you search for and identify the right distributor.

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Phone Tips For Network Marketing and Direct Sales Prospects

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Phone calls to your Network Marketing and Direct Sales Prospects are essential

Phone calls to your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects are essential to working your business. Sure you could take the chicken way out and just send your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects an email about your network marketing business. Been there done that, tried that and trust me that doesn’t work.

What you do is hope your prospects open your email and just fall in love with your products and your Network Marketing and Direct Sales opportunity and they will rush to the phone to call you. HA! They will not.

Phone calls are where you not only start to build your Network Marketing and Direct Sales business it is also where you start to build a relationship with your prospect. It’s important to build a relationship with your prospect, get to know them and let them know you. You have to take “you” out of it and put your prospects front and center.

I know what you’re thinking, the fear of picking up that phone and making that call. This is a fear that most people have; it is the fear of rejection. You are not alone in this feeling so many others have felt the same exact fear you have right now about picking up the phone and calling.

What you have to remember is that it’s not about you. The Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospect is NOT rejecting you, they are just saying no to the products or the opportunity because it’s not the right time for them. They are not ready now to make a commitment, but they just may be ready a few weeks, months or even a year from your first contact.

Building a Network Marketing and Direct Sales business involves building a team, training that team and teaching your team to do the same thing as you are doing. That’s called duplication. Set a goal of making 25 calls per day, or possibly doing a power hour each evening where you make calls to Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects for an entire hour doing this for five days each week. Where will your business be in 90 days? It’s important to be consistent and you will see great results.

It’s important Create positive energy and sound confident when you call your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects

Create positive energy and sound confident when making your calls to your prospects. Remember voice does matter when talking to your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects. Body language plays an important role when calling and talking with your prospects. Your voice in this case is your body language.

There are some proven methods that can help you portray a positive energy and to sound confident as you are talking to your prospects.

*Stand up and walk around when talking ~this is the only way I talk on phones, I just can’t sit still when talking.
*Be authentic, be real and listen to your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospect.
*Most importantly relax ~ if you are relaxed then your prospect will also be relaxed.
*Talk slow, don’t rush what you say
*Don’t forget to breath – this is very important!

It’s important to use your speaking language when talking to your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects

Did you know that you speak differently that you write? You do trust me; everyone speaks differently than they talk.

When you use scripts, read it through first, read it out loud in front of a mirror, make sure that you have a pen with you when doing this; as you are reading through the script tweak it so it sounds natural. You want the script to sound natural (you don’t want it to sound like a canned speech when talking with your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects ) not like you are reading from a script. It should sound just like you speak, if the scripts have contractions in them (ie: don’t, can’t etc) and if you don’t talk using contractions then by all means take them out and replace them.

Making your script sound natural is accomplished by practicing, practicing and then practicing some more. Tweaking your script until you feel comfortable, remember you talk differently than you write.

Phone tips conclusion for talking to your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects

For the final step, but a very critical step for your Network Marketing and Direct Sales business is the follow up. Remember “The Fortune is in the Follow Up,” I’m sure you have heard that before and you will hear it over and over again from many different people and places because it’s true. The initial contact to your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospect is just the start of the process – follow up with your prospect is important to see where they are in their process of making a decision.

I know that the fortune is in the follow up because I’ve lost a few Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects in my day. Why because I did not follow up after my initial contact. I let other things get in my way of not making a follow up call. I have come across some of my Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects and they signed up with someone else, someone who made that follow up call. They could have been my partner, on my team if I had only followed up with them when I said I would.

So when you set a follow up day and time with your Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects CALL THEM BACK!

How do you remember to follow up with a Network Marketing and Direct Sales prospects? You need to put together a system that works for you. A few techniques that could aid in helping you to remember your “follow up appointment:”

*Use Outlook or Google calendar and set up a reminder so it will pop up 1 to 2 hours or whatever time you just so you will be reminded before the appointment time you set.
*PDA/iPhone – sync it with outlook or Google calendar and your PDA/iPhone will remind you if you are out the your office or on the road.
*Write it on your calendar or daytime on the day and time you set up.
*Set up a notebook with number dividers 1-31, after you make your notes on the prospects sheet move the sheet to the correct numbered day. Then each day go to that number and call each prospect back.

These are just a few ideas to try in your business. Try all of them to see which works best for you when calling your prospects.

Network Marketing and Direct Sales

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How to Market Affordable Funerals and Cremations

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It is no secret that the cremation rate is on the increase in the United States as CANA has reported. Add this to other significant trends such as the increase in an aging population, increasing death rate, changing attitudes to death and a global recession, and the time is definitely ripe for marketing low cost funeral options.

In my observations of the funeral industry I have seen more businesses emerge online, many even operate without a fixed funeral premises, and merely coordinate all services using providers facilities nearest to the place of death. This saves tremendously on overheads, a saving then passed onto their customers.

These funeral professionals have opted to secure a niche market for simple, low cost direct cremations and burials. No fuss, no ancillary costs, just a basic dignified send off.

Now I know there are still many within the funeral industry who refuse to acknowledge that their business is changing. Those ‘traditionalists’ that believe people want pomp, grandeur and a “right good send off” for a small fortune. The total cost of a full traditional funeral can amount to as much as $15,000, and will be one of the biggest expenses we make in a lifetime!

Yet at US Funeral Online we see hundreds of searches a day related to low cost funerals and cremation. When the cost of a funeral is very important, understandably at a time of distress many will turn to the tool and anonymity of the Internet, to explore their options.

I think it is an interesting dilemma for funeral businesses as to how they can effectively market their services. We still treat death as a taboo subject, I even read a story this week, where residents complained about a funeral home in Georgia erecting a sign advertising their funeral home on the road to a cemetery. I think it would be fair to say that most funeral businesses still rely upon directories such as Superpages and word-of-mouth locally. Although a great many funeral homes now operate a web site, these can often be rather poor and incomplete ‘shop windows’. I find few funeral web sites that rate in search engines for valuable key word traffic. I have never yet seen a funeral home using a geo-located Adword campaign to gain them visitors.

Funeral businesses that do not harness the opportunity of the Internet, even in the death care industry, do so at their own peril. Whilst reputation and recommendation will continue to be mainstays in terms of repeat and referred business, new business can certainly be gained from an effective web presence. With further advancements in technology, our access to the Internet is moving into all fractions of our lives. Most people these days go from using a computer at home, to an iphone on the move, to being online at work. Seeking out that dusty directory tome is becoming an archaic method.

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Business Marketing Strategy

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The term business marketing strategy might sound like it is esoteric or stratospheric, so let’s take the mystery out of it so you can devise and implement your own business marketing strategy that fits in to your small business plan.

Strategy comes from a Greek word “stratagein” meaning “to be a general”. Think of a strategy as an overall plan of action needed to win a war. The smaller, detailed actions are called tactics. You can have tactical plans which help you achieve your strategic marketing plan or overall business marketing strategy. That’s simple enough, isn’t it?

A business marketing strategy or strategic marketing plan is an overall plan of marketing actions you intend to take in order to accomplish a specific goal for your company.

Start with a goal: $2 million in sales this year; expand into new premises by a certain date; double the size of the company in 2 years… whatever the goal may be. Something realistic but challenging. That’s the “war” you want to win. Guess who the general is.

Then work out a simple, overall plan of the major marketing steps needed to accomplish that (for example):

1. Publish a newsletter for all existing customers and mail out quarterly.

2. Work out 4 special offers in the year and promote them to all our customers.

3. Set up on-line shopping and expand the web site.

4. Direct mail campaign promoting the web site to all customers.

5. Get mailing lists of (target markets) and do a series of 3 mailings of postcards to them and follow up on and close all leads.

6. Etc.

You get the idea. Don’t rush this. Do your homework. What worked in the past? Read up on successful marketing campaigns.
Your business marketing strategy needs to be laid out in the right sequence and you should have some idea of budget when you write it. “Run a series of 30 second TV ads during the Superbowl” might sound like a good thing to do but can you afford it? On the other hand, when you build your business marketing strategy you mustn’t try and cut corners. If you don’t promote heavily, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, no one will know about it and you will go broke.
What really works when it comes to marketing?

Many business owners don’t have a good enough answer to this important question. I learned by a combination of study and trial and error.

From my own hard won experienceI have discovered that a real marketing campaign will take into consideration at least the seven points which are outlined below:

1. Target Your Market

Your marketing will produce the best results for the lowest cost when you target prospects with the greatest need for what you offer.

Identify the best people to send your postcards to. Design your postcards to appeal to their greatest need.

If you are able to break down your target market into sub markets you can then write postcards that specifically speak to the needs of those people (an example is breaking down your own customer list into customers who buy most often, customers who spend the most money with you, customers who have been your customers the longest and then making them special offers based on the category they fit into).

2. Create A USP For Your Business

USP stands for “Unique Selling Proposition”.

It is a statement of what is different about your company and its products. Your USP gives the reason people should do business with you. It amplifies the benefit of doing business with you and your company. My USP is POSTCARD MARKETING EXPERTS.

Create your own USP and put it on all your promotional materials, invoices, shipping labels etc.

Use your USP to communicate the benefit of doing business with you and why you are better than any of your competitors.

3. Always Make an Offer

Make sure you ask your prospects and customers to do something when they receive your postcard. By offering them something you know they are likely to want and giving them a smooth path to respond on, you are making it easy and desirable for them to respond.

4. Create and Maintain a Database of The Customer Information You Collect From The Responses To Your Mailings

Most people who receive a postcard from you won’t contact you the first time they receive one.

But once they contact you, you must create and maintain a database which allows you to repeatedly contact them with offers to respond to.

Fifty percent or more of many businesses’ sales come as a result of following up with people who were previously contacted, but didn’t buy right away.

No kidding, repeat contact does drive sales. One-time mailings can get response, but are bound to leave sales on the table. Those sales can be picked up with repeated mailings.

5. Take Away the Fear of Loss

People don’t want to be fooled, plain and simple. Unfortunately trust does not run high today between customers and businesses in general. People have been disappointed too many times by being sold one thing and getting another.

A guarantee or warranty is a good way to reduce or eliminate the customers’ risk of getting something other than what they bargained for.

Guarantees and warranties increase response and sales by reducing customer risk.

6. Expand Your Product Line

Getting new customers is more expensive than selling to existing ones. By regularly developing new products and services to sell to your customers and offering these new products and services to them, you can expand your business efficiently and easily.

7. Test Your Postcard Promotions

Track the effectiveness of your postcard mailings. How many people responded to your mailing? What dollar amount of sales resulted from those responses?

Is the money you are spending to attract new business giving you a good return? What can you do to make your marketing more effective? Change your offer, headline, price, the timing of your offer. When you do track the results and improve your response.

These are the points to follow when designing your own marketing strategy. When you are done, you will have laid out the steps needed to accomplish your goal using existing resources to achieve a great marketing ROI (return on investment).

After that, you simply have to get those steps executed and that might require further planning but it is all in the context of your main business marketing strategy.

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Direct Network Marketing – 5 Tips to Choosing the Best Direct Network Marketing Company

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So you’ve seen the interviews with the heavyweight of business Donald Trump or multi-millionaire Robert Kiyosaki’s videos and you’ve decided to move into direct network marketing. But you’ve also heard the horror stories. Maybe you’re already the star of your own network horror story and you’ve got to do something to get yourself out of it.

So why is it that some people rise to the top, leave their daily grind jobs behind and become amazing leaders (and very rich in the process) but others flounder around and never achieve their dream of escaping the 9-to-5 routine? The answer is simple – not all opportunities are created equal. It may sound super simple but your success won’t be determined by how hard you work, how many colds calls you make or how long your list of friends and family is. It will be determined primarily by one thing:

Whether you pick the right opportunity or not.

So, how do you pick the right business? Well all direct marketing companies do similar things: find leads, introduce them to the products, introduce them to the business. What sets one apart from each other is *how* they do this.

Follow these 5 tips for making sure you choose the best:

1. Products

Do they stand on their own as unique products that add value to a customer’s life? Are they sustainable not just the latest fad? Are they in a growing industry e.g.: telecommunications, personal development?

2. Systems and Processes

All business stand or fall on their systems and processes. Does the one you’re involved with or considering have step by step processes for every part of the business? Will they train you in these?

3. Lead generation

Do you like making cold calls? What about harassing friends and family to buy your products or join the business? If these two aren’t for you then make sure your network opportunity has a rock solid method of getting warm leads, in particular using the web. These days any company that isn’t showing you how to use the new generation of websites to market (Facebook, Google etc) will be left behind.

4. Training

How committed to training is the business? Is it in a style that you can understand and access easily? Is it ongoing?

5. Compensation Plan

Figure how much work you will need to do for a sale or sign up and compare that to the compensation plan. It is really worth your time to chase a few cents here and there?

Make sure you do your research thoroughly. The heavyweights like Trump and Kiyosaki have endorsed direct network marketing but it’s up to you to realise that not all opportunities are created equal and to choose wisely.

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2 Things You Have To Do To Ensure Direct Mail Delivery

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It’s not enough to just do direct to your internet business’s customer base. There are certain tactics and techniques that you will want to utilize if you want to have the full benefit of having direct mail success – and that’s exactly what I want to go over in today’s lesson. It’s in your best interest to read it.

Your online business can definitely thrive on its own if you continue to only do email marketing. You will want to get a lot of targeted opt-in subscribers on your list to make your business dream come into fruition. And direct mail can help you to do this too. You can get new leads (high quality leads that is), and gain brand new customers who will stay with you for years.

Sometimes direct mail can be tricky… there are certain approaches that you will want to take if you want to get your letter delivered to the intended recipient. Let’s not waste anymore time. Here’s one way to do effective direct mail when mailing out to your backend customer base, or first time prospects:

1) Get the letter delivered

This may sound like a no-brainer, but when you think about it, it’s a vital step in the entire direct mail process. Never mail your letters via bulk mail. And put a real-live stamp on your envelopes and postcards. When the mailman sees your letter or postcard, you want them to think that what’s inside the post card is something that is important.

Make it look personal. Send your letter out in a plain #10 envelope, and make your proposition message brief. The goal is to get them back to your next product’s sales page. So don’t try to sell anything in your letter or on your postcard. Lead them straight to your site, and if you can, offer them a discount for ordering – and tie it in with a particular offer code. Here’s another way to do effective direct mail:

2) Don’t mail out brochures

Remember, your goal is to get people to come to your website. The last thing you should be doing is sending out a full color mailer that tries to sell them on one of your products – and have only a 50 word description on it. I assure you that you will get more sales by leading people to your site, and letting the site sell for you.

Plus, creating and sending brochures (color brochures in particular) can eat up a lot of your money. Don’t take this route. Keep it simple, because your offer will be simple. Just a simple letter or postcard will help you to get the bump in response. The physical nature of mail or a postcard makes things feel “real”… it makes them think that you’re a professional and that you have a real-live business. This will impress them.

Keep things simple with your direct mail marketing, and I’m confident that you will see the results in your business that you are looking for. Keep this in mind.

Good luck with using direct mail in your online business today.

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Marketing Local Goods As a Home-Based Business

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Local manufacturers that want to spread their wings can benefit from the establishment of a home-based business.

Georgia, for example, is a state that produces many products locally. These products include raw food stuffs like eggs, poultry, beef, pork, dairy products, pecans, and peaches. The state is also a known maker of apparel, paper products, electronic equipment, and transportation equipment.

Being a historical state, it also has its share of tourist spots. So if you’re thinking of building a home-based business, Georgia is one of the finest places to start from.

Just Like Mom Used to Make

Being a “grand old lady” state, Georgia is a good place to look for those secret family recipes, especially with the abundance of locally produced raw materials. You can build a home-based business, selling Georgia pecan pie, perhaps, or peach preserves as your main product. This benefits everyone. You will be giving the local economy a boost, and at the same time, getting the best produce from the local market directly; thus, a lot cheaper.

Your product will also be of very good quality and quite affordable to the nationwide market. There are a lot of commercial food products that Georgia is famous for and if you can offer a food product that you can honestly say is from a long time family recipe, the possibilities are endless.

Providing the Local Community What It Needs

On the other hand, instead of bringing products out, you may also want to bring something in from to outside to address some of the needs of the state. This is a good idea for a home-based business.Georgia, for example, needs to lessen their dependence on fossil fuels. About 75% of the state’s energy is generated by coal, and everyone knows the negative impact that this has on the environment.

If you’re in the area and have access to alternative energy sources or even DIY kits for solar panels and wind turbines, you can make these the products of your home-based business. Georgia State may even have legislations and incentives towards this end, so you really should look into any state-supported enterprises and endeavors.

Showing Off

The third option you can have for a home-based business in Georgia is a unique tourist offering, a tour of the local favorite eating places, perhaps, or little known historical places. Being a local in the area of Georgia, you are likely to know more about the place than some tourist guidebook writer who just happened to pass through the area a million years ago.

The important thing to remember is that if you build your home based business, Georgia is your home, and you know it better than anyone else does, so make use of that advantage.

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Marketing Tips For SMEs

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Even in the best of times business failure rates amongst small and medium sized businesses are high. The terrible shame about that statement is that it simply does not need to be that way, if businesses only got their marketing correct so many of those businesses that fail could have gone on to be a success earning their owners and shareholders a return on their investment.

So how does a business go about getting its marketing effort right?

1. Define your target market – First of all it is important to convey a consistent message to your target market. So consider what your target market is, you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t! The factors to consider for consumer targeted businesses and services include geographical location, age, sex, income level and interest groups. For business to business products and services factors would be geographical location, business sector and size turnover. Write down a definition of your target market.

2. Unique Sales Points/Major Sales Points – Once you have your target market clearly defined you need to start thinking about your unique sales points or major sales points. Why should potential clients or customers choose to deal with your business rather than your competitors? The answer could be price, location, quality of service or product, knowledge, experience, uniqueness of product, etc. Think this through, define it and write it down.

3. Marketing Tactics and Media – Once you know your target market and your unique sales points you need to identify the correct marketing tactics and media to get your message across. Options on marketing tactics will include online marketing, direct marketing, sales promotion, advertising, public relations or telesales. Most likely a combination of several of these options will be correct depending on your location, business type and target market. Most of all it is vital to maintain your consistent marketing message and design style across all the media channels you decide to employ. By doing so you will start to build your brand.

4. Convey a consistent message/build trust – Everything your potential customers or clients see or hear must convince them that yours is a business that can deliver on its promises. This starts with your core corporate identity and your logo. A professionally developed and designed logo is a must, your logo must be relevant in terms of colour, shape, typeface, symbolism and usage. Once you have the right logo for your business have your stationery professionally designed also. It is also worth considering developing a logo descriptor, which is a phrase that accompanies your logo and encapsulates your offering – like our own ‘Access to BIG agency talent for small and medium companies’.

5. Make the most of your online presence – For many businesses a website is a key element of the marketing strategy, so it is important that your website is well thought through. The biggest single question to answer is what is the purpose of your website, is it a means of recruiting new clients and customers or is it a place to refer existing contacts to showcase your services or products. If it is the former the website must be designed to make it ‘search engine friendly’ which may for instance mean avoiding lots of flash work. In general you need a clear and concise website which is easy to navigate and reasonably quick to download and provides reassurance to your target market that you can deliver on your promises.

6. Professional marketing help – Marketing your business is a very complex task and one that is vital to the success of your business so it is important that you obtain professional advice. The internet is now an excellent place to source the help that you need and the place where you are most likely to get the best deal. Look for marketing and design professionals who understand the importance of giving you return on your investment and make sure that the people you commission have the experience, track record and knowledge to deliver. Hiring the wrong people could be an expensive mistake!

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A Direct Marketing Approach to Proposal Writing to Increase Your Annual Grant Income Exponentially

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The grant writing and submission process is in many ways, very much like Direct Response Marketing. Direct Response Marketing is the sale of something to a single individual, usually one sale at a time. Even though the original RFP (request for proposal) may be seen by hundreds, or even thousands, it’s seen by and responded to by one person or organization at a time.

Direct response marketing can further be defined as selling a product (usually by mail or over the internet) that the purchaser pays for before actually getting. A funded grant application is payment for a program or project the funder has yet to receive.

Grant writing is the sale of an idea to a funding entity (which should be thought of as a single individual). In as much as, you have little personal contact with the entity you are soliciting funds from, whether by phone, mail, or e-mail, it is necessary to create an application that will speak for you in an individual and memorable way, and ultimately elicit an action. Your application is submitted in the midst of hundreds if not thousands of other applications – a cacophonous din of “fund me”, “fund me”, “fund me;” which begets the question posed by the Funder, “who should we fund, and why?”

In their online course, 21 Mental Motivators, (2002) Yanik Silver and Alex Mandossian quote the following from Jay Conrad Levinson, “as Direct Response Marketers, you have to go after mind share, not market share.” Too many times, we as grant writers are looking for “market share.” There is way too much competition for us to successfully capture the “market share” of any particular type of funding, however, if we can successfully capture the “mind share” of a funding entity, we will have tapped into a flowing stream of consistently available capitol. How do we accomplish this goal? By establishing relationships with our funders, one mind at a time!

“It is estimated that 95% of the reason a prospect buys involves a subconscious decision. The purpose of this book is to show you what goes on during the sales process that triggers a sale and how the subconscious mind responds to various aspects of an offer.” (Sugarman, Triggers, 1999) To paraphrase the above quote, we can estimate that 95% of the reason a funder funds, involves a subconscious decision.

It behooves us as grant writers to study proven marketing, copy writing, and social networking techniques, and determine how many, and where, they can be successfully incorporated into a proposal. You may not be able to use all of them all of the time, but you will be able to use some of them all of the time, and given enough applications, you will find you’ve used quite a few of these elements.

With practice, using these elements, and realizing opportunities to use these elements will become second nature to you. You will see yourself as an artist, and each new application as a fresh canvas on which to paint a masterpiece.

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