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Bull Market Explained

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Trading is a sport in which you need to know the trend in order to get maximum performance. The market of bonds, commodities or stocks can have various evolutions which change not only every day, but even from one minute to another. It is important to be connected to these modifications as soon as they happen in order to be able to make the right and profitable decisions.

The idea of bull market may refer to the way any product becomes more asked for by clients. The term might have a funny shade but it is a direct word in a very direct world, where time is extremely precious. It was inspired by the way the raging bull attacks. He lifts his horns up in the air to appear bigger and more threatening to his adversary. On the other hand it is somehow connected to the general movement of the market, when all the participants in it tend to move automatically in the same direction as a herd.

The bull market is a moment when the general tendency of the prices is to rise. This can be fueled by investor’s optimism and high expectations or by an economic recovery. In such periods people usually create diversified portfolios, thus reducing the risk of keeping all their eggs in one basket. Smart investors take advantage of these times to register great profits.

To better understand this term you can compare it with the idea of bear market. This financial term is also a reference to the way a bear swipes its paws on the ground while attacking. So, when the market is down it is called like this. Investors reduce their expectations and their profit in such periods. They are also very careful about making new investments and sometimes they prefer to stay away from the market until it becomes friendlier.

Unlike the general trend, when people are afraid of buying anything, they don’t have any doubt when buying gold bullion. That is why in periods of economic recessions the price of gold grows. Being in great demand as many investors shelter their fortune as assets rather than as currency, it can be sold at higher prices.

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Network Marketing And How To Gain Success

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How to gain success in network marketing can be quite a daunting task at times, but more and more people are turning to this type of marketing. Because of this, there are many millions of people who are now playing a big part in this, as this job can be very fulfilling and lucrative. Of course this doesn’t mean that you will see the benefits in a couple of weeks, but if you are prepared to work hard and put a lot of your time and effort into this then you will see that it is a good way to earn from home. The world market place has changed and this has become one of the best ways of taking advantage of it.

If your intention is to gain success in network marketing as your career and you feel that you could make your mark with this, then you need to know the two basics set out below:

First of all you have to have a client base on which to work from. You have to find a way of knowing who your customers are and who will want to buy your products. You have to build up your clients from a database and find out who will be interested in what you have to offer them. So you start off with getting potential clients interested and once you get this off the ground then you will start to see things moving in the right direction.

One of the keys to this is list building. Your list will be comprised of potential customers. Notice that says “potential customer” and not people. Your list should be composed of people that might be interested in your product or service and not just people to send emails to. If you wound someone who likes red wine there is no reason to think they might also want lawn chairs. Sending radon emails to people like that is only one step away from spam and is a waste of your time and energy.

Second, you need to have some knowledge of what type of marketing would be a good place to start from. This basically means that you have to learn the basics that will will help you along in your venture. There are lots of ways to market your venture. These include things like good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content as will as blogs and article placement. There are also Facebook pages and Twitter as well. Each have products that they tend to do well in marketing. It is worth your time to spend awhile learning as much about Internet marketing as you can. You marketing will directly effect your income.

There are also two services you should consider using. One is an SEO service. Buy using SEO services you are making sure that your potential customers find you. The other one is an article writing service. By using article writing services you can help ensure a better Google ranking and therefore more traffic.

So if you want to gain success in network marketing then this is not something that will bring you in money straight away, but you can earn a good living if you are prepared to put in the hard work. The amount of effort you put into your work has a direct correlation on what you get out of it.

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Secrets of Social Media Marketing by Paul Gillin

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Online success is all about raising your website’s public profile. The more traffic that you can direct to your website, the bigger the chance you will have of converting the punters who are searching for products and services in your market niche into cash paying clients. The best way that you can raise your website’s profile is through online marketing, and books like the recently published Secrets of Social Media Marketing by Paul Gillin, can steer you in the right direction when it comes down to employing the best marketing methodologies.

Paul Gillin is one of today’s leading gurus in online marketing utilization. He is an established specialist in the field of social media websites and their use as marketing channels, and in his new book, Secrets of Social Media Marketing, he reveals how you can harness the immense potential of the social media network to explode your website’s online profile.

The new phenomenon of social networking has taken the online community by storm. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and Twitter, command audiences of millions. They all flock to these sites, (and many others beside them), to leave personal information, join online forums, and discuss new events and happenings. Because of the mega amounts of traffic that frequent these sites, there is potential for an enormous boost in the amount of traffic that can be directed to your website, if only you know how. This is exactly what books like the Secrets of Social Media Marketing by Paul Gillin set out to do – to show you exactly how you, as an individual, can harness this awesome potential.

The great thing about Paul Gillin is that he has the magic knack of being able to take a complex subject, and make it easily understandable, even if you are an internet newbie. He does this by extracting the key elements and presenting them in simple, clear, concise language that is easily absorbed, and this is why his book, Secrets of Social Media Marketing is such an invaluable tool for promoting your online business, whatever it may be.

Social media sites are a relatively new innovation, so the use of it as a media for promoting online business is still known to only a handful of entrepreneurs, relatively speaking. This means that now is a good time to learn how to plug into its circuits and use its immense pulling power for getting your message across to the general public. Books like Secrets of Social Media Marketing will show you key strategies, such as how to get your message to go “viral”.

When something, (a message, an advert, an article etc), goes viral, it does exactly what the name suggests. It quickly spreads like a virus, becoming exposed to more and more people, and the more exposure it gets, the faster and further it spreads. Imagine your message, (with a backlink to your website), becoming so talked about that millions tune in to see what the fuss is all about, then link back to your website because of the interest it has sparked. Once they drop onto your website of course, you then have created the perfect opportunity of making a sale. This is exactly the sort of thing that books like Secrets of Social Media Marketing by Paul Gillin will teach you, and that is precisely why they are such essential reading.

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Can I Still Make Money By Driving Traffic Directly To My Affiliate Link?

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There are many newbies who are interested to start their own affiliate venture online as they are aware of the amount of money that they can earn from the internet. Most of them do not want to go through a complicated system as they just want to follow a simple system that is idiot proof. Driving traffic directly to the affiliate link is one of the easiest ways for them to start making money. Here are the 3 important points that you want to take note for this business.

Point 1 – Make Sure The Product Is Proven To Sell

This is important as you will want to make sure that there are people who are willing to purchase the product. If you are in a profitable market, there is a high possibility that there is huge selection of products for you to choose. Most of these popular affiliate networks like ClickBank, PayDotCom and other will provide you with vital information and stats so that you will be able to know which product is selling well online. Do make sure that you are promoting product that is already proven to sell.

Point 2 – Get One Domain Name And Redirect To Affiliate Link

Although you do not need to spend any money to get any tools, it is still highly recommended to get your own domain name. Most of the popular websites like article directories, forums, advertising websites and others do not allow people to put their affiliate link directly on their website. You will want to purchase a domain name and edit the setting so that it will be redirected to your affiliate link. This will ensure that you can place your domain name any other websites without problem.

Point 3 – This Is The Short Term Money Making Scheme

You will want to be aware that the direct linking method is not a long term approach to earning money online. Your income will stop the moment you stop driving the traffic back to your domain name. when you have started to earn some money, it will be worth the investment of your time and money to create your own squeeze page so that you can start building your list. Having your own list will enable you to follow up with your list and promote other relevant products to them in the future.

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An Inside Examination Of Successful Postcard Marketing

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With postcards, the receiver knows your message is brief and to the point right away. They can be low-cost, yet to be able to get you response, postcard advertising should be targeted. The most effective postcard marketing ideas increase advertising mileage of your products or services and bring about recipients to act upon your advertising messaging.

Postcard advertising, unlike tourism postcards or other styles of postcards are an alternative or a complementary form of marketing with endless options in contrast to catalogues, correspondence and brochures. Postcard marketing can be either direct-mail or non-mail advertising with each having its very own benefits as well as demerits. Direct mail marketing postcards are delivered via postal mail and obtained specifically by the receiver. This type of advertising is frequently used by an organization focusing on current as well as potential customers and has the main advantage of having the receiver seeing what it’s all about without the need to opening anything. Their small size however limits the amount of data that could be enclosed, thus they don’t have much content. Because they are openly exposed, they’re also not viable where privacy and security are a concern.

Numerous enterprises however have been completely effective in using direct mail postcard advertising, including real estate agents in advertising brand new listings, doctors as well as dentists in appointment reminders, political advertisements and businesses such as movie rentals. Some government bodies even permit these cards to take on a shape which matches the concept of the campaign they carry, adding to their efficiency.

Non-mailed postcard advertising is where the cards are made to increase interest of a business, a service or a cause. This form of advertising is normally seen in clubs, movie theaters and dining establishments and usually contains discreet advertising slogans to lure the young social as well as chic 18-35 year olds who frequent these establishments to pick, save and show off these flash cards. To be able to appeal to the target market they thus have to be extremely attractive as well as spectacular apart from having an endless supply with changing adverts on them.

Because of content material limitation, postcard advertising revolves around having the postcard display a subject, an offer, a claim of fame and a call to action. The topic tells the potential client what it is all about, the offer is a price reduction or a unique service or product, the claim of fame will be your business standing and the call to action is exactly how the client should reply either by going to a website, mail or making a call.

Remember that keeping it simple when it comes to postcard advertising is the best way. Effective marketing postcards have reasonable sized fonts as well as crystal clear words. Even when there’s a lot of white space, leaving blank spaces will provide traffic some breathing space. With a few creativity, a little foresight and a few design enhancements, postcard advertising can prove highly effective.

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10 Reasons Why Creating A Podcast Will Increase Your Internet Marketing Business

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Having been podcasting for a few years now, I’m amazed by the number of eloquent and passionate business people out there who are not using this brilliant medium in order to spread the message about their business. What’s more, many of those people who aren’t doing it are very knowledgeable about the importance of creating a connection with their customers, yet still they resist the podcasting route when making that connection. In this article, I want to show you 10 very good reasons why ignoring podcasting is costing you money and more importantly, why not doing it is keeping you distanced from your customers and therefore, from making more money online.

In particular, tip number 7 is a sure way to make you some money through doing affiliate marketing in your niche.

So, if you’re sitting comfortably, I’ll begin. If you’re standing up, reading this on an iPad in a train station somewhere, that’s fine too(!):

One of the most obvious reasons for podcasting is that it’s virtually free advertising. The cost of creating and running a podcast is actually nothing if you already have your own website. If you don’t, then it’s only a matter of paying for the domain name and paying for the hosting of the site each month. Better still, the free advertising you’re getting is being delivered to the audience in the best way possible: You’re demonstrating your value through the podcast, not just telling them how great you are. The proof is in the podcast!
Podcasting as part of your internet marketing strategy allows you to make a connection with your audience that the written word simply can’t do. They actually get to hear your voice, feel your passion for your topic and you can get a lot more across to them in a way that doesn’t require any more effort for them. If you want your audience (or potential buyers) to relate to you, podcasting is one of the best ways to do it.
In this age of iPhones and MP3 players, we can carry music, podcasts and audiobooks around with us wherever we are. The same can’t really be said for your website or blog. You can’t read a blog while you’re jogging, but you can listen to a podcast from that blog’s owner. This ‘portability’ factor means you can reach people even when they’re not online and strengthen your brand that way.
Creating a podcast is easy, particularly if you have a WordPress website. If you don’t, you can create one for just the cost of your hosting and domain name and have the podcast on there. Once you have a WordPress site, you can use plugins such as PodPress (the one I use for my internet marketing podcast), in order to set it up and podcast to the masses. Then you simply need a laptop, a microphone and some voice recording software. Once you’ve recorded the podcast, you upload it to your hosting account (or get your techie person to do it for you) and then tell PodPress where it can find the file. Job done. PodPress will put a play button into your blog post. The reader simply clicks play and your dulcet tones will reach their ears.
By downloading your podcast from iTunes or a similar directory (another function that PodPress can handle), the listener is making a commitment to find out more. If you’ve read anything by Robert Cialdini, you’ll know how significant that commitment can be. They are investing their time into you and your business. If you give them great value, they would almost be stupid not to want to get more value, so they click the Subscribe button. From then on, you’re building a group of people who want to hear from you and will regard you as an authority within your market.
Podcasts can be interactive. Despite their pre-recorded nature, you can announce competitions or ask for feedback in the same way a radio show does. Rather than reading out the e-mails you’ve received as they come in, you read them on the next edition of the podcast. Again, people need to keep listening if they want to hear what other people thought about what you’ve said (people always want to know what other people thought!). A great example of this is the e-mail section of a comedy podcast called ‘The Bugle’ where they read out some of the e-mails they’ve received about the previous episode. Again, making it interactively lets the listener feel like they’re getting to know you.
This tip on it’s own will make you more money, even if you already do podcasts. I learned this from a webinar by fellow UK marketer Dean Hunt. Let’s assume for a moment you’re interviewing someone on your podcast and they have a product which you’re promoting as an affiliate. The usual problem is that they will say the name and address of their site on the podcast and people who are listening will just key that site in and go straight there. You got them there, but you won’t get anything if they buy. Instead, Dean suggests buying a cheap domain name (.com names are only about $7) and then setting up forwarding so that when they type that domain name in, they get re-directed via your affiliate link to the vendor’s product. Before you start recording, you simply say this to the person you’re interviewing. Ask them to use the domain name you’ve bought when they’re referring to their product. This way, even people who are listening and typing it in will be directed through your affiliate link. This is potentially massive. Think about how many more people you could be referring just by doing a tiny amount extra work. Plus, that link can stay live for as long as the product and podcast are live, so the leverage is potentially huge.
Podcasting adds value, pure and simple. Your site (and indeed you) are considered to be worth more if you have a podcast as it gives value in a way that many sites don’t.
You can use your podcast to create products. Audio products have a higher perceived value than simple e-books, so you can charge more for them. When recording your podcast and interviewing an expert, you can split the interview into two parts. The first part will be the free podcast that you release on your site, the second will be the product where the interviewee will divulge something that is specific to their market and that will give masses of value to the product buyers. You essentially kill two birds with one stone. You also benefit from the principle of ‘authority by proximity’ – You appear to be more of an expert in your field because you’re associated with an expert. Which brings me to…
The very fact that you’re getting to talk to these experts makes you look good, but more than that, it creates a relationship between you and them. The leverage available in these relationships is potentially huge, as it allows you access to both their knowledge and their lists of subscribers. Once you’ve published the podcast on your blog or site, write an e-mail that they can send out to their mailing list, directing their subscribers to your site. You’ll benefit from big exposure and from an influx of traffic, which if converted, could mean a boost to your subscriber lists.

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Is Your Marketing Database Ready to Unlock Growth and Profits?

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Whether you run a retail shop, an accounting firm, a caterer, a health club, or virtually any small business, your database of customers and prospects will be a key to your business success. In an era of brutal competition and information overload, such a database is the easiest and least expensive way to maintain a direct relationship with the group of people most critical to the health of the company.

Think of your database as the fuel in your marketing engine, enabling you to run targeted direct mail, e-mail and telemarketing campaigns. These are the marketing and advertising programs that keep your good customers coming back, bring in new ones and, when they work as planned, increase your sales revenues and profits.

Perhaps you are like many businesses owners I talk to who have yet to invest the time and effort required to have a basic customer and prospect database. Or, you started one in the past that is now woefully out of date. This can be costly in the form of forgone revenue and profit.

How to Get Started with Your Marketing Database

The computing technology that most of us use every day has made it cheaper and easier than ever to store the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of people who buy from you now, or are likely to buy from you in the future. Then you are able to keep your name in front of them, invite them back, entice them with special offers, and reward them for their loyalty.

Depending on the business you are in, there are myriad options for collecting the contact details required to stay in touch, whether it be in your POS system, on an invoice, business card or cocktail napkin. Here are some steps to get started:

Take note of when and how other businesses collect contact information from you. When have you felt it to be an intrusion, and when have you been glad to share it; why?
Review the various touch points between your business and your customers, and also your potential new customers. Consider the opportunities for collecting or confirming their information: at check-out, on a support call, on the web, at the end of the sales meeting. Pick at least one.
Make the collection of contact information an integrated part of the selected interaction(s), and teach your staff to do it the same way, every time.
Store the information immediately into a contact database like Act! ($184 for 10 users) or ($5 per user, per month for basic contact management). Doing so uniformly and in a timely manner will give you the ability to market your company with precision and for far less money as your database grows. Having to go back and clean up and de-dupe data later on is a costly, messy endeavor, so set it up right from the beginning.
If you don’t have one, develop a marketing plan for the coming year. Keep it simple – one page may be just fine – and list the campaigns you plan to run using the database, including e-mail, direct mail, and phone. Also estimate the work effort, hard dollar costs and other resources required, and how you plan to measure effectiveness.
Generating Leads from Your Web Site

Your company websites may already be a generating a steady source of fresh contacts. But many businesses find that generating web leads is not as easy as it first sounds. You need to invest in a site that appeals to your target market, usually through interactivity, relevant content, and great design. In addition, the site should be optimized with keywords so your target audience finds you on Google and other search engines. Tech-savvy people can do this successfully on their own using a tool such as WordTracker ($59/month). Another option is to outsource search-engine optimization (known as SEO) to a company such as AdzZoo or HubSpot.

Once you have been able to generate the web traffic and are seeing a steady flow of leads, the data can be automatically added into your database by most web site content management systems.

E-Mail Marketing with Your Database

If you plan to do regular e-mail marketing, an e-mail marketing service can also collect and store the data for you. If you really want this to look professional and to generate results, use one of these services, such as Constant Contact, Vertical Response, AWeber (normally under $40 per month). These services are more than worth the cost for 99% of business because they save so much time, and they keep you in compliance with anti-spamming laws and norms.

Perhaps most importantly, give someone on your staff the responsibility for necessary data entry and management of a top quality database. This is a critical step because a profitable database is something that grows over time. Ensure that this person or people have the proper tools, clear quality criteria, and make it part of their performance evaluation and bonus equation.

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Market Analysis, Vital for a Successful Currency Trader

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There are numerous ways to analyze the Forex market in order to be profitable as a currency trader.

I find it very helpful to use Elliott wave theory in my market analysis. This does not mean that I base my entries solely based on Elliott Wave theory. No, this is only part of my overall strategy. My Forex trading system incorporates other tools and indicators in order to make entries.

Other possible ways to analyze the currency market may include: trend analysis, Forex news analysis, candlestick analysis, pattern analysis, technical analysis, and numerous others.

For me, it is important to get an overview and perspective of the Forex market as a whole – over multiple time frames. Even though I might trade time frames such as the 1 hour, 4 hour or daily, very often I refer to the weekly and monthly time frames to look at ‘the bigger picture’. I find that by doing so, I am much more familiar with the terrain and therefore I am more confident and experience less stress while trading.

I also do that because I want to align my trading with the over all direction of the market without being influenced by the market ‘noise’. That is only visible on the longer time frames. Knowing the over all direction of the market is extremely important information.

Having the information that I get by performing my market analysis allows me to plan my trades ahead of time no matter what my specific Forex trading system is. As a currency trader, I am much better equipped to trade the Forex market. I can search for specific and profitable opportunities on shorter time frames with much more confidence, knowing that I ‘trade with the trend’.

For example, if I know that the direction of the trend on the weekly time frame is short, it will be much more profitable for me to look for short trades on the 4 hour and daily time frame. In this case, any up movement will be corrective and probably less profitable.Also, by performing an in depth analysis, I consider different possibilities in advance and I know where I am likely to be wrong (and therefore set my s/l accordingly.

It is important to stress that analysis should only be a part of a complete trading strategy; analysis usually serves as a guide only. Entries should be based on specific trading rules.

In conclusion, by using prior analysis, a lot of the guess work is taken out. I know where it is more likely for the market to head to and I will look for short opportunities. That is very valuable information for any currency trader no matter which Forex trading system he uses.

I am an active and profitable Forex trader. I am also a personal Forex coach. I have been trading the currency markets for over 6 years. The road to being ‘successful’ at what I do was not always an easy one but who said that obstacles are a ‘bad’ thing? Being a trading coach is a responsibility that I gladly accept, watching students ‘get it’ is both a pleasure and a challenge that I enjoy very much.

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Ask Yourself These Questions When Using Postcard Marketing to Generate Sales

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Postcard printing is an easy and economical way to market your business to your clients and prospects. With a postcard, you are able to market to a specific audience at the “right” time. You can mail your postcards marketing to customers who may have a birthday, or have a sales anniversary, which is not possible with other types of advertising. For example, a car dealership may target current customers that are due for an oil change. By narrowing down the people you want to target you can make stretch your marketing budget dramatically.

Another nice thing about postcards is that the cost of printing full color has been reduced dramatically through advances in technology. Remember when flat screen TVs were out of the price range of most people, and now they are in every household? Advances in technology reduced the costs of postcard printing the same way it did televisions in the last 5 years.

Before you start looking for a printer to print your postcards, there are few things that are important to take into consideration.

What size and thickness of postcard?
First, what size postcard would you like to use? The common sizes are 4×6, 5×7, 8.5.x5.5 and 6×9. The benefit of a 4×6 is you get a special rate form the post office called a “card” rate, and that gives you “first class” service at approximately the same price as “standard.”

Most postcard printers use a cover stock of at least 100# cover. 100# cover is the usually 10pt, or 1/100th of an inch. Premium postcard printers will usually use a 12pt or 14pt paper for extra durability.

Online or Local Printer?
You may find online printers will usually be at least half the price of a local printer and the reason is because they have invested heavily in automation systems that take your digital files right to press with as little of human intervention as possible. This automation makes online printers usually a better bet than a local printer. Be careful, as there are downsides to online printers-for example, you have no ability to inspect the product before it’s shipped to you. Also, you lose the attention to detail that a local commercial printer may have. A lot of online shops have automated pre-flighting (getting files to print) so if you made a mistake, they may not catch it.

Don’t steal/borrow photos:
When designing your postcard make sure that you don’t use images off of websites unless they are from a royalty free site like istockphoto. There are two reasons for this. First, your graphics will be blurry and low resolution. Although they look OK on your screen, you’ll be in for a big surprise once you receive your prints because they will look awful. Secondly, images of the internet are usually owned by someone and you may be breaking copyright law by using them without permission. It’s best to use royalty free photography and there are plenty of sights to find good stock photos if you are unable to provide your own pictures.

Hire a professional designer:
It’s very important to realize that if you don’t have a professional designer on staff, that you should hire one for your graphics. You may have the right programs to design but if you don’t know how to use them properly you may be damaging your brand by printing something that doesn’t look the best. Just because I have a microscope doesn’t make me a scientist, and it may be best to concentrate on your marketing message and leave the layout to a graphic designer. In my experience a professional design combined with a strong marketing message will have significantly better response than just a strong message.

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Viral Videos, The Best Marketing Method To Online Success?

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If you were not yet aware, viral videos have become a major part in the online marketing industry. Viral campaigns have become very powerful tool in the arsenal of the internet marketer. We have all heard of the phenomenon of viral videos and the power of YouTube, there are even TV shows solely filled with fun internet viral videos but many of us are still unaware of the power of the video for marketing purposes.

Viral marketing has been used a lot by marketers with great results. Usual method was articles or free reports but now video has become the new viral tool. Using video has now become huge with videos being used constantly on sales pages and as pre sales teasers. The new breed of internet marketer is uploading their videos to places such as YouTube and Viddler for people to not only watch but allowing them to be shared via email or even embedded onto other blogs giving the marketer many new sought after back links to their own sites and blogs.

YouTube is no longer just a video sharing site it is now the 2nd biggest search engine. Now owned by Google it is a must place for internet marketers to upload their videos as Google can now rank videos in its first page of searches. For the internet marketer with specified niche chosen keywords it can be very powerful for their business if their 5 minute product review video appears on the first page of Google.

Having a YouTube channel with your personal name or business name is a must. Try to avoid something comical and non related like ‘Jellybabies69′. It doesn’t tell the respective viewer or buyer that you are a serious marketer who knows much about your chosen niche (unless it is about 69 flavours of Jelly Babies!)

Start uploading videos, this may sound scary at first if you have not yet made any films but to be honest they are so easy. A simple PowerPoint software is all that is needed and some screen capture software like Camtasia. For a free option there is Jing and my chosen favourite Screenr. Screenr is an online free screen capture tool found at You will need a twitter account to use it as it is by the Twitter people but that is good as you are given the option to post your freshly recorded films straight to Twitter. Or if you don’t want to Tweet it you can either download it to your computer or upload it directly to YouTube.

You can only make videos of 5 minutes long with Jing and Screenr but that is usually long enough for most types of video. If you need to make longer films, make it in several parts and put them together using free software like Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker. For what you want to achieve these tools will do you nicely. You are not planning to make a Hollywood movie! To be honest, some of the more flashy high-tech films can actually distract the viewer from the content and do more harm than good.For simple piecing of 2 or more Screenr videos I use Windows live movie Maker, I add a quick front image, then the videos, using an animation to glide the videos smoothly into each other. You are given the option to save the film or upload directly to YouTube.

The most important rule in creating videos is to plan them, write a script to follow, create any images or slides you may want to use, have the right windows open ready so when you hit the record button you have a rough idea what you are doing. It can stop you having the ‘artistic block’ that can happen when you suddenly can’t think of what to say in mid flow!

Daniel Wagner is a master of using YouTube to create an online affiliate business. Using a mixture of slides, live monitor action and webcam recordings he has grown his business into a six figure salary a year. He has created many online tutoring courses that are mainly videos that he has recorded showing the newbie marketer how to make money online.

The best videos are always those that offer a solution to a problem. It could be advice on a subject, it could teach a subject or direct someone to a place where they can learn or be shown how to overcome their problem. Make at least one a week and upload it to your YouTube channel and you can start to make impressions and build up a following of subscribers. Many of your videos will be embedded onto other peoples blogs if it was deemed helpful which will in turn help you!

If your video helps solve a problem and also points the viewer to your site or an affiliates site where they can buy a better more longer lasting solution to the problem like an eBook or course then the video can be left indefinitely as an automatic salesman. Make several videos over many years and it could be like having your own cyber sales team working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Now how good does that sound. That is what Daniel Wagner did.

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